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I have usercontrol in oneproject and i added the reference of it in another project which will have my aspx page. How to append the control in my page. I have come across we should use loadcontrol method with virtual path. But i am not getting anything about virtual path. Pls help me on this.

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If you want to load dynamically then you should use LoadControl

var c = this.LoadControl("~/AddressControl.ascx");

If you do not want to load it dynamically, then you just need to specify the control in your markup as nay other user control:

<AddressControl runat="server" ID="myControl" />

The problem in your case is that you actually need a reference to the ASCX file under your web application or under a virtual directory.

You would have to copy your ASCX file to your application, you can do that step easy by configuring the post-build actions

Take a look at the following article which describes in detail how to accomplish this process:


This is like a workaround, because user controls are not designed to be shared across projects, the best control that would fit your situation are called server controls, they are designed for this purpose

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