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I have been searching for quite some time now as to whether there is a way by which I can install Valgrind without the need of installing Xcode, knowing that I have apple's Command Line Tools already installed. During the installing of Valgrind I get the following:

Making all in coregrind
(cd m_mach && mig /usr/include/mach/mach_vm.defs /usr/include/mach/task.defs /usr/include/mach/thread_act.defs /usr/include/mach/vm_map.defs)
xcode-select: Error: No Xcode is selected. Use xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app to select /Applications/Xcode.app, or see the xcode-select manpage (man xcode-select) for further information.
/usr/bin/mig: line 174: Error: /usr/bin/xcode-select returned unexpected error.: No such file or directory
mig: fatal: "<no name yet>", line -1: no SubSystem declaration
make[2]: *** [m_mach/mach_vmUser.c] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2


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As you can see there is xcode-select: Error: No Xcode is selected message. Check this out.

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