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For my website I want a track visitor system

I found this one HERE But after setting it up, I get an error.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getBrowserType() (previously declared

I also don't know where the first bunch of code has to go. On the page you want to track or somewhere else?


After deleting the code bellow it worked. But visitor page and visitor date in MySQL database are empty. Where should I put this code? And I should change something right? It's otherwise double and nothing will work:

function getBrowserType () {
if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))
else if (!empty($HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))
else if (!isset($HTTP_USER_AGENT))
if (ereg('Opera(/| )([0-9].[0-9]{1,2})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[2];
   $browser_agent = 'opera';
else if (ereg('MSIE ([0-9].[0-9]{1,2})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[1];
   $browser_agent = 'ie';
else if (ereg('OmniWeb/([0-9].[0-9]{1,2})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[1];
   $browser_agent = 'omniweb';
else if (ereg('Netscape([0-9]{1})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[1];
   $browser_agent = 'netscape';
else if (ereg('Mozilla/([0-9].[0-9]{1,2})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[1];
   $browser_agent = 'mozilla';
else if (ereg('Konqueror/([0-9].[0-9]{1,2})', $HTTP_USER_AGENT, $log_version))
   $browser_version = $log_version[1];
   $browser_agent = 'konqueror';
   $browser_version = 0;
   $browser_agent = 'other';
return $browser_agent;

Here is browser types code:
$visitor_browser = getBrowserType();
Now we need to define hour, minute, day, month and year of visitors:

$visitor_hour = date("h");
$visitor_minute = date("i");
$visitor_day = date("d");
$visitor_month = date("m");
$visitor_year = date("y");
And next we need to find out who is sending us visitors so we can thank them.

$visitor_refferer = gethostbyname($HTTP_REFERER);
So to get the full url of our page we will use this function:

function selfURL() {
$s = empty($_SERVER["HTTPS"]) ? '' : ($_SERVER["HTTPS"] == "on") ? "s" : "";
$protocol = strleft(strtolower($_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"]), "/").$s;
$port = ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] == "80") ? "" : (":".$_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"]);
return $protocol."://".$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].$port.$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
function strleft($s1, $s2) { return substr($s1, 0, strpos($s1, $s2));
Now we have our page, we will store it on a variable:

$visited_page = selfURL();
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are you sure you are not including the file with declaration of that function twice? – madfriend Jul 22 '12 at 16:49
On that website I provided, I just used the codes there. But indeed Twice. It's fixed little bit but still another problem I will change my question a little bit – F4LLCON Jul 22 '12 at 16:52
Change getBrowserType to getBrowserTypeCustom and search/replace all calls to that function. The function is already defined somewhere else, so you're running into that error. – Brendan Jul 22 '12 at 16:57
@Brendan but where do I need to put the code I've posted in my question? That's the main question .. – F4LLCON Jul 22 '12 at 16:58
The tutorial asked you to create three files. You should re-read the tutorial again, as it tells you exactly where to put the code. – Brendan Jul 22 '12 at 16:59
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It's saying the function already exists. Either modify it to a new function name (like myGetBrowserType() ) or remove the entire function declaration, if the very same function is in use elsewhere in the project.

function myGetBrowserType () {

and then elsewhere...

[..] myGetBrowserType( [..]

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I've changed my question a little bit. I've deleted some code on the main page. But now somethings won't work. – F4LLCON Jul 22 '12 at 16:56

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