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I am calling SDL_PeepEvents( sdlevent, EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE, SDL_GETEVENT, SDL_FIRSTEVENT, SDL_SYSWMEVENT ); however after a few seconds of runtime and mucking around with the window (resizing/moving/minimizing) it won't pick up an event when the x is clicked to close window.

void Window::pollWindowEvents(  )
    const int EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE = 16;
    SDL_Event sdlevent[ EVENT_BUFFER_SIZE ];    //The SDL event that we will poll to get events.

    SDL_PumpEvents(  );

    std::cout << numEvents << std::endl;

    for ( int i = 0; i < numEvents; ++i )
        switch ( sdlevent[ i ].type )
        case SDL_QUIT:
            closed = true;
            std::cout << sdlevent[ i ].type << std::endl;
            std::cout << sdlevent[ i ].type << std::endl;

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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You are processing only up to 16 events every frame. There is a lot of events left in the queue and it will take some time to process them at that speed. Why aren't you using SDL_PollEvent? –  Banthar Jul 28 '12 at 8:01
I was not using SDL_PollEvent because I wanted to handle the keyboard events separately. I've been meaning to post the solution for a few days but it seems as though the event queue was getting filled up with the events I was not actually handling. Once I started handling them I found it worked fine. The way I have ended up handling them would however allow me to use SDL_PollEvent which now that it has been mentioned I may just do. –  ctor Jul 28 '12 at 11:54

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When calling SDL_PeepEvents() I was only processing a select range of events in the queue with the remaining events being unprocessed. This resulted in the event queue becoming saturated with these unprocessed events and as a result stopped the events I wanted to process from being processed. This was easily resolved by processing ALL events in the event queue.

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