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I am new to programming. Now i have been learning for a few weeks and am now making my first app. Probably not for public, just for me. At least for now. So here it goes. I want the user to be able to enter his information (for example weight or something like that) into textField and then save it, so I can later form a graph (for example of weight loss through time). Now the graph should not be that much of a problem, since there are many tutorials on that. I am more interested in how to enter information, then save it so it can be later accessed. Any help? What should I read?


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Working with UITextFields in Objective C is pretty straightforward - you can grab the NSString from such an object using the 'text' property. Use plists for storage locally, or JSON.

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Look at core data tutorials especially related to Apples' doc on “Core Data and Cocoa Bindings

CoreData shows how to setup objects and save them to a file or simple database. Cocoa Bindings are how to make input screens pass data to object models.

You should be able to write a program to enter weights, save them and show in a table without writing any code.

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