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I try to scale my application and try to run several processes on my server.

I use redis store instead of memory store as described here:

My server listens to port 8090: var io = require('/usr/local/lib/node_modules/').listen(8090);

When I start a second process, I get an address in use error: warn - error raised: Error: listen EADDRINUSE

What's the best way handle this issue? A port for each process and a load balancer to distinguish between them?

Or is there a better solution?

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For this I use node-http-proxy, and route the traffic to internal ports based off of the URL being requested. Below is a very stripped down example of what I am using to route requests.

var httpProxy = require('http-proxy');

var httpOptions = {
    router: {
        '': 'localhost:3001',
        '': 'localhost:3002',
        '': 'localhost:3003',

var httpServer = httpProxy.createServer(httpOptions);

More details on my particular setup can be found on this question: How to use vhosts alongside node-http-proxy?

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