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I've wired up the CompletionData no problem, inserting etc into the Avalon Edit control.

The challenge is the searching algorithm.

In the example below, I want new-obj to "match" New-Object* in the list and not do a partial find on New-DataObject.

Is there a flag I can set? Or do I need to override the search and implement my own?

Thank you


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Unfortunately this behavior is currently not customizable. It's hard-coded in the private method CompletionList.GetMatchQuality.

That said, I cannot reproduce your problem. The AvalonEdit matching logic doesn't work like your screenshot seems to suggest. AvalonEdit supports 8 types of matches (with the higher ones having priority over the others):

        //      8 = full match case sensitive
        //      7 = full match
        //      6 = match start case sensitive
        //      5 = match start
        //      4 = match CamelCase when length of query is 1 or 2 characters
        //      3 = match substring case sensitive
        //      2 = match substring
        //      1 = match CamelCase

"new-obj" is a type 5 match for "New-Object", and no match at all for "New-DataObject".

The completion window is displayed suspiciously far to the right of the word start. I think only "obj" is in your completion segment. You'll have to check your code that finds the word start and sets CompletionWindow.StartOffset, I suspect it is considering the dash to be a word border.

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