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middleware depend on each other, for example methodOverride() checks req.body.method for the HTTP method override, however bodyParser() parses the request body and populates req.body. Another example of this is cookie parsing and session support, we must first use() cookieParser() followed by session()_.

I wonder how can we know which middleware should be use before another? I wonder if there already exist an ordered list (a list with all middlewares in correct working order) somewhere?

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The list of middleware on connect's home page is in the correct order, though it doesn't explicitly call out dependencies.

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This is not the case. This answer is 15 months old so things may have changed. But, for instance, the home page lists csrf before session and cookieParser, when the csrf documentation clearly states: "This middleware requires session support, thus should be added somewhere below session() and cookieParser()." – Joe Krill Oct 14 '13 at 17:42

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