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I'm using the Grails mail plugin to send email through Amazon SES. Amazon SES enforces the 'from' address to be verified, meaning a domain under my control, which is fine, but much of the mail I send is on behalf of customers in the system who want any reply to go directly to them. Given this, I would like to set the reply-to differently than the from, is this possible in Grails mail plugin?

So the email would end up being

From: noreply@domainThatIControl.com
Reply-To:  customer@customersDomain.com
Subject: ...
Body: ...
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Yep, just use replyTo

sendMail {
  to 'someone@somewhere.com'
  replyTo 'customer@customersDomain.com'
  subject "some mail"
  from 'noreply@domainThatIControl.com'
  body "some body"
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Worked perfectly, thanks, not sure why this isn't in the docs! –  Pete Jul 27 '12 at 21:01

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