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I want to plot 2 subplots by using matlibplot axes. Since these two subplots have the same ylabel and ticks, I want to turn off both the ticks AND marks of the second subplot. Following is my short script:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

BTW, the X axis marks overlapped and not sure whether there is a neat solution or not. (A solution might be make the last mark invisible for each subplot except for the last one, but not sure how). Thanks!

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2 Answers

A quick google and I found the answers:

plt.setp(ax2.get_yticklabels(), visible=False)
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A slightly different solution might be to actually set the ticklabels to ''. The following will get rid of all the y-ticklabels and tick marks:

# This is from @pelson's answer
plt.setp(ax2.get_yticklabels(), visible=False)

# This actually hides the ticklines instead of setting their size to 0
# I can never get the size=0 setting to work, unsure why

# This hides the right side y-ticks on ax1, because I can never get tick_left() to work
# yticklines alternate sides, starting on the left and going from bottom to top
# thus, we must start with "1" for the index and select every other tickline

And now to get rid of the last tickmark and label for the x-axis

# I used a for loop only because it's shorter
for ax in [ax1, ax2]:
    plt.setp(ax.get_xticklabels()[-1], visible=False)
    plt.setp(ax.get_xticklines()[-2:], visible=False)
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