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I'm currently making an installer with packagemaker.

I've created my project and I created multiple choices. Choice 1 always needs to be installed but there also needs to be chosen between 6 other choices.

So I would like to configure that you can only click "Continue" when 2 choices are active.

If i place the payload of choice 1 in all the other payloads, the package will be very big. Maybe you know a requirement that if 1 other choice is checked, choice 1 will be checked automaticaly? I've tried everything this weekend but I can't find the solution.

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PackageMaker is deprecated. From own experience I can only recommend to use the new tools pkgbuild, productbuild, and pkgutil.

I recommend to take a look at iTunes Installers Distribution.xml, that should give you a glue on how to do dependencies,

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From your description, it seems that there is a choice that could be hidden to the end-user. So a possible solution would be to:

  • make the Choice 1 invisible and then create a dependency on the state of this choice to the 6 other visible choices.

This can be achieved easily with another alternative to PackageMaker: Packages

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