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Is it possible to get a NSString of the value of kIconServices128PixelDataARGB, meaning: @"ic07"?

enum {
    kIconServices16PixelDataARGB  = 'ic04', /* uses kSmall32BitIconIndex and kSmallDeepMaskIconIndex*/
    kIconServices32PixelDataARGB  = 'ic05', /* uses kLarge32BitIconIndex and kLargeDeepMaskIconIndex*/
    kIconServices48PixelDataARGB  = 'ic06', /* uses kHuge32BitIconIndex and kHugeDeepMaskIconIndex*/
    kIconServices128PixelDataARGB = 'ic07' /* uses kThumbnailDataIndex and kThumbnailMaskIndex*/
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There are APIs that make this conversion simpler, e.g. UTCreateStringForOSType() returning CFStringRef (which you can just cast to NSString* as they're equivalent), or in QTKit there's QTStringForOSType().

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That works, thanks! –  keegan3d Jul 23 '12 at 0:05

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