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I have large mbox files and I am using third party API like mstor to parse messages from mbox file using hadoop. I have uploaded those files in hdfs. But the problem is that this API uses only local file system path , similar to shown below

MessageStoreApi store = new MessageStoreApi(“file location in locl file system”);

I could not find a constructor in this API that would initialize from stream . So I cannot read hdfs stream and initialize it.

Now my question is, should I copy my files from hdfs to local file system and initialize it from local temporary folder? As thats what I have been doing for now:

Currently My Map function receives path of the mbox files.

Map(key=path_of_mbox_file in_hdfs, value=null){

String local_temp_file = CopyToLocalFile(path in hdfs);
MessageStoreApi store = new MessageStoreApi(“local_temp_file”);
//process file


Or Is there some other solution? I am expecting some solution like what If I increase the block-size so that single file fits in one block and somehow if I can get the location of those blocks in my map function, as mostly map functions will execute on the same node where those blocks are stored then I may not have to always download to local file system? But I am not sure if that will always work :)

Suggestions , comments are welcome!

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The Hadoop HDFS project ships and supports a FUSE module, known as "fuse-dfs", that lets you mount your HDFS as a regular FS mount point, and hence can be used to do regular local-filesystem open/read() calls on HDFS files.

For more info, see http://wiki.apache.org/hadoop/MountableHDFS and https://ccp.cloudera.com/display/CDH4DOC/Mountable+HDFS

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