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EDIT: There currently is no solution. It turns TextMate 2 doesn't maintain the ability to insert the "kill buffer" with ^Y. While it is possible to rebind a ^Y to "Paste" (command-V), I want the emacs behavior of inserting the "kill buffer".

The shortcut that inserts the "TODO" using ^y interferes with the emacs yank command. I uninstalled the TODO bundle, and couldn't find anything named "todo" or that had the shorctut ^y when I used the menu command, "Select Bundle Item...".

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This issue has been fixed as of August 11, 2012.

Quoting the release notes:


Implement ⌃Y for yanking last deletion. Nathaniel Tagg

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Maybe going into the "Keyboard" System Preferences and setting a custom keyboard shortcut for overriding that specific command in the TextMate application will solve your problem:

enter image description here

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My solution is to use Sublime Text instead. I'm loving it.

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yeah, sublime is much better – Thai Tran Aug 13 '12 at 2:36

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