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I build a string that is supposed to be used to generate an HTML table. I can't get the text to display as HTML though, it just writes as plain text.

Here's where I build the string: StringBuilder HTMLTable = new StringBuilder();

    HTMLTable.AppendLine("<style type=\"text/css\">");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    .thd {background: rgb(220,220,220); font: bold 10pt Arial; text-align: center;}");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    .team {color: white; background: rgb(100,100,100); font: bold 10pt Arial; border-right: solid 2px black;}");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    .winner {color: white; background: rgb(60,60,60); font: bold 10pt Arial;}");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    .vs {font: bold 7pt Arial; border-right: solid 2px black;}");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    td, th {padding: 3px 15px; border-right: dotted 2px rgb(200,200,200); text-align: right;}");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("    h1 {font: bold 14pt Arial; margin-top: 24pt;}");

    HTMLTable.AppendLine("<h1>Tournament Results</h1>");
    HTMLTable.AppendLine("<table border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\">");
    for (int row = 0; row <= max_rows; row++)
        cumulative_matches = 0;
        HTMLTable.AppendLine("    <tr>");

// etc. etc.

And then I add this string to the viewbag associated with my .cshtml file. I've tried things like:


but that doesn't work. Any ideas?

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I've noticed you have </html> before the <body>. Shouldn't it be at the very end of your markup (after </body>)? –  Zhihao Jul 23 '12 at 1:01

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First, you should take @Zhihao's suggestion and fix the HTML end tag.

After that, this should work for you:

First, set the value of the HTML using the builder's ToString() function to a property of the ViewBag in the controller:

var builder = new StringBuilder();
builder.AppendLine("Testing 123");

ViewBag.testing = builder.ToString();

Next, print it out using Html.Raw():


Seems to work well!

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There are a quite few ways to do it. You could it by either

@(new HtmlString(ViewBag.bracketHTML)) 

Or you could use


Or you could use @Html.Raw

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