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I am developing a TFTP Server using C++. The problem is that I cannot receive or at least I do not see anything in the receiving buffer when I use a TFTP Client Demo (HS TFTP) which is available over the internet.

I can 'sense' that my app is receiving something, but I cannot see what was received when I use that demo for TFTP Client. So, what I did was to create a client myself and send a command like 'WRQ'. In this way I am able to receive the command which was sent. Thus I do not have an idea why I cannot see what is coming from a regular TFTP Client that can be found on the internet.

BTW the transmission had been held in the same computer using the local ip and default TFTP IP 69.

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Too vague. Explain where the client is, where the server is. Firewalls in the middle? What addresses? Show your code. –  Nikolai N Fetissov Jul 23 '12 at 2:15
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Troubleshooting your scenario requires of Wireshark. You can then quickly visually spot what might be going on with the TFTP protocol.

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