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I have a document in MongoDB as

name: name
date_created: date
p_vars: {
   01: {
      a: a,
      b: b,
   02: {
      a: a,
      b: b,

represented as DBObject

  • All key, value pairs are of type String
  • I want to serialize this document using Java, Looking at the api, I did not find anything, How can I serialize a DBObject as JSON on file?
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It seems that BasicDBObject's toString() method returns the JSON serialization of the object.

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Looks like the JSON class has a method to serialize objects into JSON (as well as to go the other way and parse JSON to retrieve a DBObject).

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I used the combination of BasicDBObject's toString() and GSON library in the order to get pretty-printed JSON:

    com.mongodb.DBObject obj = new com.mongodb.BasicDBObject();
    obj.put("_id", ObjectId.get());
    obj.put("name", "name");
    obj.put("code", "code");
    obj.put("createdAt", new Date()); gson = new;

    System.out.println(gson.toJson(gson.fromJson(obj.toString(), Map.class)));
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