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This is a slightly frustrating problem. I am using a third party library called Javascript InfoVis Toolkit to generate a canvas image chart.

So the chart is built and is inserted into a canvas. The background of that image is white (like styled in css), but when I convert the image (I've tried different libraries and opening a new window all together) it is black.

<script type="text/javascript">
    function saveImage(div_id) {

        var canvas = document.getElementById("chart2-canvas");

<script type="text/javascript">
    function init(jsonString, num){

        var json = jsonString
        var inj = 'chart' + num

        var st = new $jit.ST({
            injectInto: inj,
            transition: $jit.Trans.Quart.easeInOut,
            orientation: 'top',
            Node: {
                type: 'rectangle',
                color: '#EEE',
                overridable: true
            Edge: {
                type: 'line',
                color: '#512',
                overridable: true
            Label: {
                type: 'Native',
                color: '#000000'
            Tips: { 
                enable: false,
                onShow: function(tip, node, isLeaf, domElement){
                    var html = "<p><b>" + + "</b></p><br/>";
                    var data =

                    if(data.image) {
                        html += "<img src=\""+ data.image +"\" width=50 height=65  class=\"album\" />";
                    if( {
                        html += "<p>""</p>";
                    if(data.title) {
                        html += "<p>"+data.title+"</p>";
                    if( {
                        html += "<p>""</p>";
                    tip.innerHTML = html; 
            onCreateLabel:function(label,node) {
                var html = "<b>" + + "</b>";
                var data =;

                if(data.title) {
                    html += "<br/><br/><i>" + data.title + "</i>";

       = + "_" + num;
                label.innerHTML = html;

                var style =;
                style.width = 100 + 'px';
                style.height = 100 + 'px';
                style.cursor = 'pointer';
                style.fontSize = '0.8em';
                style.textAlign = 'center';



<a href="#" onclick="javascript:saveImage('chart1');">Save Image</a>

<g:each in="${allJSON}" status="h" var="jsonInstance">
    <div id="chart${h+1}">
        <script type="text/javascript">
            init(${jsonInstance}, ${h+1});

To recap:

  1. I generate the charts in the code, all of which have a white background (which is right)
  2. I save the image of the chart 2 (as a test), but the image that is saved is BLACK - apparently ignoring the canvas background.

Thanks for all help!

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Are you sure the canvas doesn't have a transparent background? JPEGs don't support transparent backgrounds.

If it does have a transparent background, try drawing a white background on it first, then save it as a JPEG.

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I just modified my image to save as a PNG. It works. Something is up with JPEG and transparent backgrounds. All that frustration for nothing.. – user82302124 Jul 23 '12 at 3:12

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