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I'm having a problem. My app won't load the resources from my web service because its format has been changed.

Before my web service is returning a JSON Array like this:

[{"productid":2,"sku":"SKU-2","productname":"SMART NEW","productdesc":"description","category":"default category","price":2000.1,"picture":"","remarks":"remarks"}]

Now its returning a JSON Object I guess:

{"product":[{"category":"default category","picture":"http://localhost:8080/msos-ws/images/products/smart.gif","price":"480.0","productdesc":"Dragon Flash Disk (Special)","productid":"7","productname":"Kingston 8GB","remarks":"remarks","sku":"SKU-7"}]}

Here's my code at backend:

public List<Product> findAll() {
        return prodManager.getProducts();

I'm returning a List so it should be in array, right?

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What you get is a key/value pair where key is


and the 1-element array is

[{"category":"default category","picture":"http://localhost:8080/msos-ws/images/products/smart.gif","price":"480.0","productdesc":"Dragon Flash Disk (Special)","productid":"7","productname":"Kingston 8GB","remarks":"remarks","sku":"SKU-7"}]

refer to , take a look at following methods:

public java.lang.Object get(java.lang.String key)

public JSONObject put(java.lang.String key,
                  java.util.Collection value)

Modifying your app to load resources should be easy now :)

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