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I'm looking to insert data into a column like so:

INSERT INTO Song values (null, 'Truth of a Liar')

into a table set up like this:

CREATE TABLE Song (id integer primary key, name varchar(255), count int not null default 0)

and I get the following error: table Song has 3 columns but 2 values were supplied INSERT INTO Song2 values (null, 'Truth of a Liar')

I was expecting be able to not put in the last column because I occasionally might have to put in the count value. I'm aware that I could explicitly fill the columns like so:

INSERT INTO Song(id, name) values (null, 'msdads')

but I was hoping for an alternative.

Is there another way to INSERT data into tables, using some default values and some set values?

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You could do:

INSERT INTO Song values (null, 'Truth of a Liar',0)

when you do not want to insert anything for last column. When you want to occasionally insert a value, you can use that value instead of 0.

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Alright, that seems basic enough, just put in the default value in manually like that. –  TankorSmash Jul 23 '12 at 4:26

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