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I have exported my oracle apex application and install on another computer. I used css file written by me on my application and also i have change some settings in Theme that i have used for my application. I have exported and installed that css file and theme also. but when i run my application, it is not display correctly. it display only Texts and Images that i have used in application. Theme is missing. but my Login page is display correctly. because it is not using my Template. Login page using Login Template in oracle apex. after logged, when i browse other pages in my application, they are not displaying correctly. Theme is missing on those pages.

The issue is with my Template. but i have imported it in to apex application.

How could i solve this ?


When i open the Developer Tools in my browser(chrome), in Matched CSS Rules section in Elements Tab, display only user agent stylesheet. there is no my stylesheet.

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What is your Apex version ?

How do you load your CSS files ? They are stored on the server (accessible using the image prefix #IMAGE_PREFIX#), loaded into the database (accessible using #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#) or stored on an external server (accessible using the full URL) ?

When you say "install on another computer", you mean load your application into another apex installation right ? Then are you sure the server is configured as the other one (especially image prefix) ?

Have you checked that templates are the same in the two applications ?

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Use the console in Chrome or Firefox to check if there are any errors on your page, such as CSS files that can't be loaded.

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I did that. there are no any errors or warnings on console. – Bishan Jul 23 '12 at 4:04
  • Check your theme templates you changed and see if they are really correct and contain the reference to your custom stylesheet(s)
  • Check the output of a page you know should have the stylesheet reference
  • Where do you store the stylesheet? Workspace files, Application files, or simply in the "/i/" (#IMAGE_PREFIX#) folder?
  • if the latter: did you copy over your stylesheet and is it in the correct location? You say you imported the application to another computer, so you might have simply forgotten to copy over those files.
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