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I found a bunch of solutions online, but none of them are working for me. Basically, I want to toggle the icon of a button. Here's the HTML:

  <div data-role="navbar" data-iconpos="top">
      <li><a data-icon="arrow-u">View suggestions</a></li>

I tried all of these:

$(this).buttonMarkup({ icon: 'arrow-u' });





However, for some reason, the child elements of the button all disappear after any of the above is ran (jQuery Mobile adds a bunch of <span>s inside the button).

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The best way to do that is:

$('#button').buttonMarkup({ icon: "home" });
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Thanks for this! –  gotnull May 20 '14 at 6:35

Try this:


See related forum thread: http://forum.jquery.com/topic/how-dynamically-update-data-attributes

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I found the problem! I used $(this).text('Hide suggestions'), which removed all child elements. I changed it to $(this).find('.ui-btn-text').text('Hide suggestions'); and it works perfectly now!

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These worked for me :

$("#yourButtonId .ui-icon").removeClass("ui-icon-gear").addClass("ui-icon-delete");



I don't know witch is the best, the last I think.

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