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I have a column called names that has inputs like the following:

Aaron, James
Aberer, Leo
A., Narayana Rao
Abbot Jr., Greg

I want to change the formatting such that the first name will come first, this is how it needs to be:

James Aaron
Leo Aberer
Narayana Rao A.
Greg Abbot Jr.

How would I do this directly in mysql?

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You can use this solution:

    CASE WHEN INSTR(name, ',') > 0 
        THEN TRIM(CONCAT(SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',', -1), ' ', SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',', 1))) 
    ELSE name END AS name_formatted
FROM tbl

SQLFiddle Demo

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Thanks, this works, but sometimes it has a leading space. – David542 Jul 23 '12 at 3:57
@David542, See updated answer. I've wrapped the string in a TRIM() function. See if that works better. – Zane Bien Jul 23 '12 at 4:04
Great, thanks.. – David542 Jul 23 '12 at 4:08

If you can rely on the formatting in MySQL to always have exactly one comma in it, then you can use relatively simple MySQL functions.

SELECT CONCAT(SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',', -1), ' ', SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',' 1))
FROM names

But, your input also has one name that has no comma at all. In this case you need to check if it has a comma first. If you can rely on your input on always having either zero or one comma, you can use the following.

  LOCATE(name, ','),
  CONCAT(SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',', -1), ' ', SUBSTRING_INDEX(name, ',' 1)),
) FROM names
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