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I am using prototype in my application but I am not sure how to add this correctly. Basically I have the following function and I need to construct the href of an anchor from which I already have the reference to a series of appended values

MyJavascriptClass.prototype.init = function() {
    this.ToDate = $(this.Prefix + 'ToDate');
    this.FromDate = $(this.Prefix + 'FromDate');

so in the following function I need to add those as parameters in the url attribute

MyJavascriptClass.prototype.btnClicked = function(evt) {

this.lnkShowLink.setAttribute('href', 'MyWebpage.aspx?StartDate=7/18/2012&EndDate=1/19/2012');


How can i do something like 'MyWebPage.aspx?StartDate=this.ToDate&EndDate=this.FromDate' ? Any help would be appreciated.

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If you are using jquery, and $(this.Prefix + 'ToDate') and $(this.Prefix + 'FromDate') represent fields that contain values, then you can do this:

MyJavascriptClass.prototype.btnClicked = function(evt) {
    this.lnkShowLink.setAttribute('href', 'MyWebpage.aspx?StartDate=' + this.ToDate.val() + '&EndDate=' + this.FromDate.val() + '');

It is difficult to tell from your code what they represent, and why you have them wrapped in $(..).

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If ToDate and FromDate contain the two date values, then this should work...

'MyWebPage.aspx?StartDate=' + this.ToDate + '&EndDate=' + this.FromDate
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If you don't know every properties:

var properties = [];
for(var i in this)
var url = 'MyWebPage.aspx?'+properties.join('&');
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var string = "My name is: ",
    name = "Bob",
    punctuation = ".",

greeting = string + name + punctuation;


var User = { name : "Bob", age : 32, sign : "Leo" },
welcome = "Hi, I'm " + + ", and I'm " + User.age + " years old, I'm a " + User.sign + ", and I enjoy long walks on the beach.";
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