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Question: Can I use table with static cells ( setup up in the storyboard ) as a datasource for another table?

Here's what I have ( a learning project ):

Storyboard TabBarController with 4 table views:

TableViewOne - static cells ( entered in storyboard ) - 2 cells indicating what I selected ( desserts, appetizers, or both );

TableViewTwo - static cells ( entered in storyboard ) - appetizers;

TableViewThree - static cells ( entered in storyboard ) - desserts;

TableViewFour - dynamic - summary - all rows from either tableOne or TableTwo ( or both ) sorted in alphabetical order

Could I pull labels somehow from table 2 & 3 without having to load viewTwo or ViewThree. That is the user selects appetizers and desserts in tableViewOne ( without looking at TableViewTwo or TableViewThree ) and then switches to TableViewFour, where he expects to see all items from Table2 & Table3 listed in alphabetical order?


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