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In my NinjectWebCommon.cs file, under the RegisterServices method I have the following:

private static void RegisterServices(IKernel kernel)
           SignalR.GlobalHost.DependencyResolver =  new SignalR.Ninject.NinjectDependencyResolver(kernel);


I am trying to inject SoloUserRepository into my hub class, here is my hub class:

public class MatchMaker : Hub
        private ISoloUserRepository soloUsers { get; set; }

For some reason when I try to use the soloUsers object in my Hub class, i get object reference not set to instance of an object because the soloUsers object is never being instantiated or, in other words, not injected. Am I doing something wrong?

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Your problem is that you have a private property, and Ninject by default doesn't inject private properties.

So either you make your property public or you can enable non public property injection with:

kernel.Settings.InjectNonPublic = true;

I'm not familiar with the dependency injection in SignalR (so maybe it's not supported) but you should always prefer constructor injection so your Hub should be like:

public class MatchMaker : Hub
    private readonly ISoloUserRepository soloUsers;

    public MatchMaker(ISoloUserRepository soloUsers) 
        this.soloUsers = soloUsers;
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