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I am running the following JavaScript Bookmarklet code in Chrome and it's running perfectly fine. However, only a blank window opens when I try the same code in IE.

javascript:var str=document.documentElement.innerHTML;
var find='</textarea>';var re=RegExp(find,'g');str=str.replace(re,"</OMG>");
var cmrform = document.createElement("form");cmrform.target="CMRWindow";cmrform.method="POST";
 var srcInput=document.createElement("input");srcInput.type="text";srcInput.name="sourceCode";srcInput.value=str;cmrform.appendChild(srcInput);CMRWindow=window.open("","CMRWindow","status=0,title=0,height=600,width=800,scrollbars=1");cmrform.submit();

Can someone please guide me why this code is not working in IE.

Thanks In Advance :)

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Have you tried debugging it? –  Blender Jul 23 '12 at 4:44
Try deleting srcInput.type="text"; - older IE doesn't like you changing the type of an input after it's created, and "text" is the default type for inputs anyway. –  nnnnnn Jul 23 '12 at 5:05
If I remember correctly, IE security restrictions prevent submitting a form without user interaction. –  Paul Sweatte Aug 2 '12 at 1:10

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Use document.forms instead of cmrform:

document.forms[document.forms.length - 1].submit();
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