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Is there any good way to do this, or should I just bite the bullet and either a) buy an IDE for PHP on Windows, or b) find out how to do this on Linux and run Cygwin?

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A good post about PHP IDE's and their features if you are looking: stackoverflow.com/questions/6166 –  tj111 Jul 21 '09 at 18:24
i really like the visual studio environment, so i gave the answer to VS.PHP. however, i ended up sticking to good-old-notepad (notepad++) and didn't try out VS.PHP much. I'd like to mark correct those who responded suggesting Aptana. I have tried out Aptana myself and am highly confident it would do everything I want. –  the0ther Aug 12 '09 at 18:34

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VS.PHP has a great debugging setup built in, as well as the incredible intellisense we've come to expect from Visual Studio.

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XDEBUG is very good tool, which is integrated in Net-beans IDE which is also a free. Net-beans IDE support many PHP Frameworks and CMS

Net-beans IDE is available for all Major Platforms including Linux

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phpEdit will do this.

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I must admit however that I do all my PHP coding using EditPadPro as I find phpEdit too cumbersome. –  Toby Allen Feb 5 '11 at 10:19

Don't 'buy' an IDE! There are very good free IDEs around for PHP on Windows. Aptana is very good and is rapidly becoming even better. The new version 1.5 is much faster and needs less ressources than the previous versions. You can use it with your prefered server stack for Windows like XAMPP. Aptana has a debugging view and integrates well with Xdebug. The new Aptana version also doesn't have the annoying path-to-identically-named-files-bug anymore.

In short: With Aptana and Xdebug you can:

  • step through your code
  • create expressions
  • create breakpoints
  • change values of variables live
  • ...

All free! (and Aptana also integrates with SVN and co. and has many more great features).

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thanks tharkun, i really liked this suggestion –  the0ther Aug 12 '09 at 18:35

There are full instructions here:


on how to do this on Windows with Eclipse and Xdebug.

See this related question: How do you debug PHP scripts? (which isn't specifically about Windows, but has some good advice).

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Xdebug integrates pretty good with eclipse: link

Edit: probably better link from Zend

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There are free PHP plugins for Eclipse, but I'm not sure how well they support debugging, if at all. I would look into the PHP Development Tools (PDT) and Aptana Studio. I have Aptana Studio on my laptop, and I'm quite happy with it, but I've never needed to step through my PHP code.

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