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Is it possible to compile a string of coffeescript with the npm module, I have been looking everywhere and cannot seem to find any good answers.

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The coffee-script module provides a "compile" method:

var cs = require('coffee-script');
var js = cs.compile('foo = -> "bar"');
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If you're talking about the coffee command line utility, then yes you can (although it isn't too pretty):

echo "alert 'Hello World'" | coffee -sc

The code above compiles the CoffeeScript in the echo and outputs to STDOUT. If you want the compiled output in a file, you can do this:

echo "alert 'Hello World'" | coffee -sc > path/to/file.js

There's some good documentation on the command-line utility here:

If you mean compiling a string within CoffeeScript code, the coffee-script module provides a compile function:

coffee = require 'coffee-script'
js = coffee.compile "alert 'Hello World'"
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