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I see two gems whenever and rufus-scheduler for running cron jobs in ruby. Which is the better choose ?

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It depends.

Whenever is backed by the cron daemon of your system (so if your system has no cron daemon it won't work).

Rufus-scheduler is running inside of your Ruby runtime, it's not depending on a cron daemon, but if your Ruby runtime is going down, the schedules will be lost.

Please make sure you understand those differences, then decide, for yourself.

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Do you need to run background jobs or cron jobs? What is your frequency of scheduling jobs?

There are some RailCast episodes on the background jobs topic: Starling and Workling, Delayed Job, Resque, Beanstalkd and Stalker, Queue Classic. Some episodes are pre 2010 and RoR evolves fast...

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I need to run cron jobs, time frequency is 1 hour. – prabu Jul 23 '12 at 7:55

There are couple of cooler options than u mentioned in your question

one is Resque. here is railscasts for same. other one is SideQik. Here is railscasts for same. Sideqik is new kid in the town and is doing pretty awesome.

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