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I have this String 2 Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor 9320s (1.66 GHz, 16 MB) I need to get 1.66 GHz which could be any thing a clock speed has like 1600 MHz or 1.33 GHz etc

Any Help?

I was trying something like \b\([\d\s\w\.]*,\b Please give your suggestions

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You can use this regex with Pattern class:


It will search for a decimal number, followed by optional spaces, and an optional multiplier (I use any character in the regex - since I only need to match it), and ends with "Hz".

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what if it is "1600 MHz"? does not work – abi1964 Jul 23 '12 at 6:49
@AbhishekSimon: I was fixing things around, it should be working now. – nhahtdh Jul 23 '12 at 6:52
Thanks it works – abi1964 Jul 23 '12 at 6:56
str = '''2 Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor 9320s (1.66 GHz, 16 MB)'''
extractedStr = str.replaceAll(/(.*)\((.*)Hz,(.*)/,'$2Hz')
println extractedStr

Here we split the portion of input string into three parts,

  • everything that falls before (xxxx yHz will be in the first (.*) part of the regex. This first part can be accessed by $1.
  • \( is the open brace before clock speed. \ is to escape (
  • (.)Hz, that follows contains the clock speed value with units and comma. This second portion of (.) can be accessed by $2.
  • The third (.*) is for everything that follows the , after clock speed. Can be accessed by $3.

As per this, $2Hz is all we need to extract the clock speed out of your string.

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You could use a regex like so: \s+\((.+?), .+?\)$. This will extract the values within the last set of brackets and throw the first value (in your case, the 1.66 GHz) in a regex group which you can later access to extract the value.

You can then check this tutorial for more information on how to match and access regex groups in groovy.

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This will find clock speed and not requires parentheses:


The group 1 will contain the number itself

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