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I'm trying to check user domain name in Windows, and need native process support.

In the application config xml (xmlns="") I have

<supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop desktop</supportedProfiles>

When I run the application with adl everything works, but when I trying to installing the application (*.air package), I get an error that native proccess is not supported. Interesting that when I install the compiled *.exe file, after installation I have native processes support.

But with *.exe installation I have Updater.isSupported == false, but, when I'm installing with *.air package I have Updater.isSupported == true.

Looks like when I'm installing *.exe I have profile=extendedDesktop, but when I'm using *.air installation package I have using profile=desktop.

But I need both. Is there any way to solve this problem?


echo Creating air application
call g:\flex_sdk\bin\adt.bat -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore mykey.p12 -storepass simple -tsa none  news.air news-app.xml .
echo Compile exe
call g:\flex_sdk\bin\adt.bat -package -target native news.exe news.air
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What you are asking for is not possible. ApplicationUpdater provided by Adobe does not work with native-code applications.

(You can see the code if you'd like more information on why; it is available in your sdk directory under \frameworks\projects\air\ApplicationUpdater\src.)

However, it is possible to automatically update native-code packaged applications in a similar, though not completely identical, way. See this post on Adobe's website for more information: I would provide the information here, but I am not the author of that article.

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