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I have a problem reading a string in specific line and specific position. I have an input file that has a fixed position and fixed length for each value in every row. This is an example of my input file:

sltele     Hoodie   24051988 d12Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   07051987 d30Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   07082011 d08Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   09081961 d04Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   20041962 d14Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   20032000 d01Hdq
sltele     Hoodie   13062002 d05Hdq

I need to read a string in 3rd column in first line. So, I used this

awk 'NR==1 {print $2, $3}' inputfile.inp

How can I get an exact result with character position as parameter? (12nd-18th and 21st-28th)

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use cut -c

Check the man page for more details.

also u can use the below:

echo "abcdefghij" | awk '{print substr($0,2,2),substr($0,6,2)}'
bc fg

above is 2 cahracters from second position and 2 chars from 6th position.

your solution will be :

awk 'NR==1 {print substr($0,12,6),substr($0,21,7)}' inputfile.inp

the above command will get the 6chars from 12th position and 7 chars from 21st position in line number 1.

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Thank you peter :) That's the solution I want. thank you again :) – faizal Jul 23 '12 at 7:19

You can use sed too:

sed -rn "1 s@.{11}(.{7}).{2}(.{8})@\1\2@p" filename


  • -n don't print the lines
  • s replace
  • 1 only the first line
  • .{11} omit 11 characters
  • (.{7}) save 7 characters (char 12-18)
  • .{2} omit 2 chars (19-20)
  • (.{8}) save 8 chars (21-28)
  • \1\2 replace the string with the first and second saves
  • p print the line specified line
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