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I have to implement an algorithm for a raffle. The problem is that i would like that some of the participant to have more chances, because they have more points. How can i do that? I thounght to simply put them many times in the raffle, but doesn't seems legit. Do you know any algorithms that can do that?


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Give them more "tickets", just like one does at a raffle where tickets are given away at the door .. but each ticket has the same odds being chosen. (For each ticket given away at a door, another matching ticket stub is added to the pile that can be chosen from.) –  user166390 Jul 23 '12 at 7:14

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Why wouldn't that be "legit". If you base your amount of chance on a number of points, you add the person for X times in the raffle based on his points. That person's chance increase.

I would solve it in this way.

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