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I am new to Microsoft MediaRoom. I want to download Microsoft MediaRoom ADK(SDK). I tried a lot but did not found any link for download. So please can any one give me a link for this.

MediaRoom is used for develop application for set-top-box.


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Here is the MicrosoftMediaroomADK.msi linked off of my Drop Box. Let me know if you can get to it.


It's MR20 I think.

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I doubt you are allowed to distribute this stuff openly like this –  guiomie Jun 13 '13 at 0:52
What skills are required in order to start developing with Microsoft Mediaroom library and what type of applications can be developed using it? –  YuDroid Mar 23 at 10:07
.NET languages, generally C#. Also XML and XAML application, so web technologies. You can write IPTV based applications. I've seen notification apps, alert apps, weather apps, music apps, the possibilities are limitless. –  ApolloSoftware Mar 23 at 14:25
Can you please tell us from where we can download MicrosoftMediaroomADK because the link you have posted is broken. Thanks –  V.J. Mar 24 at 6:06

You will find all necessary files under http://mediaroomsds.microsoft.com. You need a working Microsoft account however.

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Well sir, you need MicrosoftMediaroomADK.msi –  ApolloSoftware Apr 16 '13 at 3:53

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