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I am working on an SNS program which I plan to develop with JavaEE technology with eclipse IDE, Glassfish server. To do this, I have a eclipse EAR project with structure of this:

  • xyz, Enterprise Application Project, which packs up other modules bellow
  • xyz.jpa, JPA project, the model layer
  • xyz.ejb, EJB project, the data control layer
  • xyz.api, Dynamic Web Project, the APIs used by mobile clients
  • xyz.www, Dynamic Web Project, as a website
  • xyz.admin, Dynamic Web Project, a web console for administration

These modules distribute as a deployable archive file xyz.ear. Each of the 3 web modules in this EAR should have its own domain(http://api.xyz.com -> *xyz.ap*i, http://www.xyz.com -> xyz.www, https://admin.xyz.com -> xyz.admin).

How do i do that? Or what will you do with this program?

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I figured it out, Glassfish's virtual server feature just fit my needs. I've not been developing Java Web programs so long that I forgot this, now it's all good.

I'd still like to see how do you design it.

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