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I want to get count(*) value in dynamic plsql statement. We can write static stmt as:

select count(*) into tmp_cnt from table_info where nbr_entry='0123456789';

but how to get tmp_cnt value while writing the dynamic sql stament? or any other way to get count(*) value into tmp_cnt variable?

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You can achieve it with EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ... RETURNING INTO:

function count_rows(p_table_name varchar2)
  return number
  l_count number;
  execute immediate 'select count(*) from ' || p_table_name returning into l_count;
  return l_count;
end count_rows;
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Maybe different oracle version, but what worked for me was:

execute immediate 'select count(*) from ' || p_table_name into l_count;
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Note possible sql injection risk – Ruskin Jan 30 '15 at 14:32

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