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i am New to Amazon.i have one EC2 instance which i am using, contains 2 ephemeral storage's.When ever i create new AMI from this instance, i can see this 2 Storages are present. is there any way to unmount or remove from my EC2 instance? Can you please any ides with boto or anything?

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Ephemeral storage is essentially "free" storage that comes with EC2. You do not have to pay any extra for it, nor does it take up any space for AMI.

You can forcefully unmount with:

sudo umount -d /dev/sdb

But, really, why bother.

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Hi UZYN , thanks for reply...why i want to ummount is , i am getting confused in drives. i have d & E drive are Ephemeral memory. so, i f someone add any file, it will be deleted after Ec2 is stopped. –  Dheeraj Gundra Jul 23 '12 at 11:17
Hi UZYN, Using boto we can unmount? –  Dheeraj Gundra Jul 23 '12 at 11:20

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