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I was using GPUImage framework (some old version) to blend two images (adding border overlay to a certain image). After I have updated to latest framework version, after applying such a blend, I get an empty black image.

I'm using next method:

- (void)addBorder {
    if (currentBorder != kBorderInitialValue) {
        GPUImageAlphaBlendFilter *blendFilter = [[GPUImageAlphaBlendFilter alloc] init];
        GPUImagePicture *imageToProcess = [[GPUImagePicture alloc] initWithImage:self.imageToWorkWithView.image];
        GPUImagePicture *border = [[GPUImagePicture alloc] initWithImage:self.imageBorder];

        blendFilter.mix = 1.0f;
        [imageToProcess addTarget:blendFilter];
        [border addTarget:blendFilter];

        [imageToProcess processImage];
        self.imageToWorkWithView.image = [blendFilter imageFromCurrentlyProcessedOutput];

        [blendFilter release];
        [imageToProcess release];
        [border release];

What is the problem?

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You're forgetting to process the border image. After [imageToProcess processImage], add the line:

[border processImage];

For a two images being input into a blend, you have to use -processImage on both after they have been added to the blend filter. I changed the way that the blend filter works in order to fix some bugs, and this is how you need to do things now.

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Thanks a lot!!! –  Nikita Jul 23 '12 at 16:58
@BradLarson: Brad, can I add more than two pictures to blend filer in order to create the multiply effect? I have multiple layers and one background. I'd like to create sme nice effect using more than two [layer 1 and background layer]. Thanks! –  el.severo Aug 26 '12 at 21:17
hello, is there any resource on how to use GPUImageAlphaBlendFilter with realtime GPUImageStillCamera which doesn't have processImage method? I've asked a question about my problem here stackoverflow.com/questions/16384813/… –  Can Poyrazoğlu May 5 '13 at 13:14
imageFromCurrentlyProcessedOutput giving error with latest guimage and ios8. I have also used imageFromCurrentFramebufferWithOrientation:0 but still giving error. –  Rahul RD Feb 9 at 7:24

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