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I have a situation where I have two projects TFOS and BSLG. Both are console applications within same solution.

From inside the TFOS project I have a cs file (rnjbs.cs). When the solution in run, the code within this class accesses another class (GetEmailData) which is located within the BSLG project. Within the BSLG project I have a app.config file. I'm trying to read values from this app.config file, from within the GetEmailData class.

Normally this would not be a problem, however in this scenario I'm running from within the context of TFOS, due to this I cannot access the app.config file.

The problem is that the path I get when using following methods to read app.config values: ConfigurationFileMap, ConfigurationManager.OpenMappedMachineConfiguration or ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration. I keep getting the path for TFOS project and not the path for BSLG. The reason for this is because I'm running from within the context of TFOS. So my question is how do I read the values from app.config file, when running within the context of TFOS?

I hope above was clearly explained, please let me know if further clarification is needed.

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You call OpenExeConfiguration with the path of the BSLG exe, and the Configuration object you get represents the TFOS config file ? Not the BSLG config file ? Is that so ? –  Vivien Ruiz Jul 23 '12 at 11:34
You cannot get the BSLG path as it will be copied to TFOS project and so you cant load the config file from that. I had tried something similar and coudnt find reliable way to do it. The best thing to do it that embed the XML file as resource and read it. Look at this stackoverflow.com/questions/2820384/… –  Guru Kara Jul 23 '12 at 12:08
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