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Hoping someone can assist but I have been asked to look into ensuring that the cookie's that Oracle ApEx 4.1.1 is using/setting are secure.

I believe an example of this would be:

Set-Cookie: expires=Thu......; path=/;

Apparrently it should read as:

Set-Cookie: expires=Thu......; path=/;secure

Can someone please assist as to where I need to set this in my SSO (Sentry) or is this performed on the App Server?

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APEX mostly uses server-side sessions instead of cookies. But at any rate, looks like you had an answer posted here:

Followup for anyone searching:

in the Session Cookie Attributes section for the authentication scheme that your application is using you can select Yes for the secure attribute. This is what the help says about this option: Select Yes to allow the session management cookie to be sent from the browser only when the protocol is HTTPS. Select No to allow the session management cookie to be sent from the browser when the protocol is HTTP or HTTPS.

regards, Erik-jan

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