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I read this thread : PDF parsing library for Android? .

Vikas Patidar mentions that there are some open source library on Android like

  • Android PDF Viewer
  • APDFViewer
  • droidreader
  • android-pdf

Some of them are licensed with GNU GPL v2. Some of them are licensed with GNU GPL v3. I want to ask whether they can be used in a commercial applcation.


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Thanks. Sorry, i don't know how to ask. – King Wu Jul 23 '12 at 8:41
@jiduvah : Can you answer me? And then, i can tick your answer for my question. – King Wu Jul 23 '12 at 9:07

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Try looking into GPL licences rather than PDF libraries, then you will have a better idea of what you will have to do to include it in your project. Here are some resources.

To GPL or to not GPL, that is the question

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If you just want to know if you can use a GPL library in a commercial, closed-source application without paying a single cent, then the answer is no, you cannot.

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