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demo. see console

Lets assume scenes.xml is a list of sections


and preload is a predefined hidden block. I'm loading this xml with $.ajax (of course with dataType: "xml") and trying to get html:

$(xmlData).find("section").each(function() {

It works perfect anywhere except ie 7-10. it throws:

 in jquery.js (1.7.2) on line 6497

PS Of course I can wrap each section with CDATA and use text() to obtain html. But I want to avoid this workaround because each section is valid xml or html

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2 Answers

extreme ugly workaround:

if($.browser.msie) {
  if($.browser.version == "7.0" or $.browser.version == "8.0") {
  } else {
} else {
html = preload.html()
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Use $.parseXML if you're parsing XML.

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please re-read question again. I'm using $.ajax with dataType: "xml" and it invokes parseXML automaticaly. if you dont understand question - please do not close bugs at the bugtracker –  puchu Jul 23 '12 at 13:38
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