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I'd like to search in a Collection (which inherit an another Collection) for a property value.

private ObservableCollection<User> userCollection = someData;

public class User
    public string Username { get; set; }
    public ObservableCollection<Department> Memberships { get; set; }

public class Department
    public string Name { get; set; }

//I can't use "Contains", because it requires an object of type "Department", but I don't have the object, just the string "Name" (in this case "MyDepartment")
var result = from usr in userCollection where (usr.Memberships.Contains("MyDepartment")) select usr;

Do you have any suggestions?

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use IEnumerable.Any to achieve what you want.

For example :

(from usr in userCollection select usr).
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You could use .Any() on IEnumerable to achive what you want. This will return true if there are one or more elements in the collection where the predicate returns true.

var result = from usr in userCollection 
             where usr.Memberships.Any(m => m.Name == "MyDepartment")
             select usr;
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Using your code example - you need to select the equivalent part of department you are checking against into a new collection which you then run Contains against.

var result = from usr in userCollection where (usr.Memberships.Select(m=>m.Name).Contains("MyDepartment")) select usr;

Alternatively - IEnumerable.Any is a better construct here than Contains - see other answers

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