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Should one end each entry with a delimiter (in this case ','):

    1,    2,    3,
    2,    3,    4,

or not:

    1,    2,    3
    2,    3,    4

in a .csv or is this just different dialects?

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Not so according to RFC4180 where a csv record (line) is defined as

record = field *(COMMA field)

Which doesn't mean you'll never encounter the form with a trailing comma, as csv is notorious for its variations and deviations, and sometimes sloppy implementations.

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+1. An RFC for CSVs ? Never knew that! – Brian Agnew Jul 23 '12 at 9:01

It's up to you. Normally I would expect not. Why ? Because when you perform a split() (or similar) operation on


I would expect to end up with 4 elements (A-D). If I did the same on:


I would normally expect most implementations/languages to give me a final element of zero length, due to the final comma. You then have to handle this (ignore it, throw it away etc.).

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No, there should be no column delimiter at the end of the line. If there is, this means there is another empty column.

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The second one is the way to go. No delimiter at the end of the line.

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The second option is best, otherwise your parsing will assume there is a blank record at end of every row. Delimiter should only be between records to "delimit" them.

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