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In my MVC app I have one action available on a public side so everything looks like http://www.domain.com/pagename

When it goes to the action method of my WebPageController it finds it in the DB by pagename and renders the View.

In the View I do a database call to a foreign key table called WebPageContent. For each WebPageContent I do a RenderPartial(WebPageContentItem.ControlType)

This works for the most part, I now have a need to have http://www.domain.com/pagename/idofsomething

I have made the changes relevant and the Controller is firing it. What I want to do is if the ID is passed to the Controller I need to get it to my RenderPartial call. I have got it working by setting the ID via ViewData but didn't know if that was the best approach?


In the actual UserControl can you read the action parameter or get it from ViewContext or similar?

In my RenderPartial I can then make a DB call to find the relevant item by the passed ID and then render relevant HTML from the DB object.

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<% var id = ViewContext.RouteData.Values["Id"]; %>

SO - Getting the name of the controller and action method in the view in ASP.Net MVC ...

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