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I have some labels on my xib. Some of them are not need to be localized. When i generate strings file via ibtool all labels content included in result file. How can i exclude some UI objects in IB from localization when generate strings?

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Unfortunately there is no way to annotate the content of your nib/xib files so that ibtool's --export-strings-file command ignores certain strings.

You could instead opt to use the --export-xliff option and then edit the XLIFF file to lock segments that must not be translated (attribute translate="no") before sending them out to be localized in all your languages. That's probably only worth doing if the localizers use a XLIFF-compatible CAT tool though.

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If the reason why you don't want to localize some views is that you plan to set their values programmatically then you might want to checkout the tool BartyCrouch which I recently wrote to solve this problem (see installation instructions in my answer on that thread).

BartyCrouch runs ibtool for you and does additional processing on top of its resulting .strings file. It will exclude views from translation if you include #bc-ignore! into your value within your base internationalized Storyboard/XIB file.

Please checkout out the related section within the README on GitHub for detailed information.

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