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Below is an artificial example of a R widget created with the gWidgets package:


f <- function(file){
    dat <- read.table(file, header=TRUE)

lst <- list() 
    lst$action <- list(beginning="f(",ending=")")
    lst$arguments$file <- list(type="gfilebrowse")

ggenericwidget(lst, container=gwindow("Example"))

Using Windows there is a problem when browsing and selecting the file: the backslashes are not doubled in the file path. How to overcome this problem ? I don'y know how to replace the backslashes with double backslashes in a character string.

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You might want gsub("/", "\\\\", x) but am not sure it is needed. I don't have a windows machine ready to test, but I'd be surprised if this was needed.

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I think it is not possible to transform "C:\myfile.txt" to "C:\\myfile.txt", simply because "C:\myfile.txt" is not a valid chain character. – Stéphane Laurent Jul 24 '12 at 20:13

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