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I would need to reduce the quantity of these numbers and present them in a more concise way, instead of presenting several lines of numbers with the same "prefix" or "root". For example:

If I have an array like this, with several strings of numbers (obs: only numbers and the array is already sorted):

$array = array( 

The string: 123456 is the same in all elements of the array, so it would be the root or the prefix of the number. According to the above array I would get a result like this:

//The numbers in brackets represent the sequence of the following numbers,
//instead of showing the rows, I present all the above numbers in just one row:
$stringFormed = "123456[4-5][7-9]"; 

Another example:

$array2 = array( 

From the second array, I should get a result like this:

$stringFormed1 = "123[4-7]";
$stringFormed2 = "1247";
$stringFormed3 = "231[0-1]";

Any idea?

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[x-y] is for x is the less and y is the most ? what if some numbers aren't present? – gilles emmanuel Jul 23 '12 at 9:34
Please elaborate your question. – M. Ahmad Zafar Jul 23 '12 at 9:36
Question is really not constructive – diEcho Jul 23 '12 at 9:37
Maybe this post should help you to get the beginning of the string ==>… or this ==> – gilles emmanuel Jul 23 '12 at 9:40
Yes, thanks @gilles emmanuel,this helps! Then I would need a clue to get the numbers in the brackets. – Petala Jul 23 '12 at 10:05
    $array = array( 

    //find common string positions for all elements

    $res = array();
    foreach($array as $arr){


            $res[$i][$arr[$i]] = $arr[$i];

    //make final string
    foreach($res as $pos){
        $str .= implode('',$pos);
//u may need to sort these values if you want them in order
            $end = end($pos);
            $first = reset($pos); 
            $str .="[$first-$end]";

echo $str; // "123456[4-5][7-9]";
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Well, as I understand you want the final string with unique characters. (i'm not sure if you want it ordered) So, first implode to create the string

$stringFormed = implode("", $array);

Then we get the unique chars :


OUTPUT: 123456789

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That as a solution for first example but i didn't thought there could be several roots. By the way i'm not sure it's well coded...

function longest_common_substring($words)
  $words = array_map('strtolower', array_map('trim', $words));
  $sort_by_strlen = create_function('$a, $b', 'if (strlen($a) == strlen($b)) { return strcmp($a, $b); } return (strlen($a) < strlen($b)) ? -1 : 1;');
  usort($words, $sort_by_strlen);
  // We have to assume that each string has something in common with the first
  // string (post sort), we just need to figure out what the longest common
  // string is. If any string DOES NOT have something in common with the first
  // string, return false.
  $longest_common_substring = array();
  $shortest_string = str_split(array_shift($words));
  while (sizeof($shortest_string)) {
    array_unshift($longest_common_substring, '');
    foreach ($shortest_string as $ci => $char) {
      foreach ($words as $wi => $word) {
        if (!strstr($word, $longest_common_substring[0] . $char)) {
          // No match
          break 2;
        } // if
      } // foreach
      // we found the current char in each word, so add it to the first longest_common_substring element,
      // then start checking again using the next char as well
      $longest_common_substring[0].= $char;
    } // foreach
    // We've finished looping through the entire shortest_string.
    // Remove the first char and start all over. Do this until there are no more
    // chars to search on.
  // If we made it here then we've run through everything
  usort($longest_common_substring, $sort_by_strlen);
  return array_pop($longest_common_substring);

$array = array( 
$result= longest_common_substring($array);
for ($i = strlen($result); $i < strlen($array[0]); $i++) {
    foreach ($array as $string) {
        $val = intval($string[$i]);
echo $result;
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