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I have a machine with two running Java processes. Each of them can be monitored on a unique ports using JMX. E.g port 10001 and 10002.

I would like to use Zabbix 2.0 to monitor the memory usage of each Java process. However I am struggling with making it work which probably has something to with me being quite new to Zabbix.

In Zabbix I have added two JMX interfaces to the host running the two Java processes. One uses port 10001 and the other one uses port 10002.

I have created one JMX item for the first JXM interface (10001) using the key jmx["java.lang:type=Memory","HeapMemoryUsage.used"]. It is working quite fine.

When trying to create the second JMX item for the second JMX interface (10002) using the same key I get the following error:

Item with key "jmx["java.lang:type=Memory","HeapMemoryUsage.used"]" already exists on "Zabbix server".

What am I doing wrong?

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Unfortunately, keys must be unique in all cases.

Usually this is handled by adding an argument to a key, for instance a port number to the key.

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Thanks. Your comment made me come up with a hack that seems to work: whitespace. By inserting an extra space just before "]" the key becomes unique. However I believe that this cannot/should not be the solution. –  Jonas Kongslund Jul 24 '12 at 5:24

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